Dad realizes his daughter is getting older over dinner

Conversation over family dinner table…

What did the doctor say today, Big Girl?”, I asked wanting to see what the doctor said about her chest bone pain.

He said that I need a training bra and that I should get my period within a year.

What?!!!” I manage to utter holding back my sudden urge to vomit!

She laughs uncontrollably.  She looks at CPA wife and says, “I told you he would hurl!” Laughs some more.

I’m stunned that my eleven year old would not only say that but that she would be serious! And heck, I thought the only female that manipulated me was my wife!

After recovering and finishing dinner, the CPA wife and I sit alone at the table finishing off our wine…

You know, you really need to stop FREAKING OUT when your daughter talks to you about female changes,” she says matter of factly with a sly smile.

I look into her eyes like a dog who knows he’s done wrong. “I know, she just caught me off-guard.” I’m a dad just realizing that he’s at the cusp of losing his little girl to womanhood.

I mean, what are you going to do when the Big Guy begins puberty,” she continues, her smile growing. A sip of wine.

He’s nine. Besides, boys are SO much easier than girls.  Yeah, we change but we only have one feeling. Nothing as complicated as “the female change,” I tell her somewhat exasperated.

Oh yeah, what if he’s gay?” she replies mercilessly.

My head hits the table. She smiles. “I win,” she says.

To me, she will always be my little girl.

All the best

Struggling with Sever’s Disease

Daddy! My heel hurts really bad!,” my daughter moaned to me. I turned to see her squeezing her heel on the couch, eyes welling up with tears.

Did you step on something?” I asked as a sat down next to her.

And, that’s how it all started.  A month later and visits to two doctors we had a diagnosis.  My daughter, eleven, has Sever’s Disease.

Apparently, the foot is one of the areas of the body that grows the fastest.  This quick growth stretches the achilles tendon to a point where it begins to constantly pull on the growth plate that kids have in their heel.  This causes the plate to become irritated and hurt.  They outgrow it but for the time being it causes problems.

My daughter, the star goalie for her school team, can no longer play soccer.  My daughter, the purple belt in Tae Kwon Do can no longer do karate.  She’s not happy that she is forced to miss these activities that she really enjoyed.

To be honest, the Mom and I are just happy we have a diagnosis.  For a time there, it was scary because the podiatrist we first went to didn’t know why her foot hurt.  He put her in a cast for two weeks and ended up casting her foot in the wrong position.  She was in more pain than before.

Anyway, long story and I’m glad it’s behind us.

All the best