Moms: Holiday gift suggestions for deserving dads part 1

With the holiday season is in full swing, I thought it may be helpful to moms out there if I gave some recommendations on appropriate gifts for dads.  Now, I don’t want to imply that those socks, ties or baked goods are just special. They are and we love them.  However, if you think dad’s behaved this year and he deserves that little bit extra, I think these gifts will be just the ticket.

In part one of this three part series, I’m going to focus on movies.  A DVD is a budget-conscious gift that any dad would enjoy. Of course, that is if dad actually likes the movie.  Remember, we’ve suffered through Barney, Wall-e and all the other Disney movies.  We want something for us. We want a dads movie.

1. My top-of-list recommendation is the awesome, adrenaline pumping movie, 300. It’s mind-blowing action 99% of the time and there’s a love seen in the middle.  I love this movie. It’s a raw, untamed, testosterone extravaganza! (Yes, ladies, actual testosterone will ooze from your TV screen. Exercise caution)

It’s about 300 Spartan soldiers led by King Lionides (see the top image) who defend Greece from the million+ Persian army.  Impossible odds, swords, shields, blood… just trust me.  Your husband will love it.  You, on the other hand, should excuse yourself and go do something else.  My wife HATES this movie.

2. The second movie I’m going to recommend is Father of the Bride.  This movie tears my heart out each and every time I watch it.  It’s not a very manly movie like 300 but it’s a wonderful story about a dad watching his daughter growing way too fast.  If you have a daughter, your husband won’t be able to hold back the tears.

3. Life is beautiful is also a favorite of mine. A dad makes things better for his son during their stay in a concentration camp.  It’s about the love of a father for his son and there’s nothing else I can say about that.

4. Last in my list is In Pursuit of Happyness.  This should be required watching for all fathers. It’s about persistance and obstacles and life’s challenges. It’s inspiring and shocking at the same time. In the end, it’s about a father trying to make a better life for him and his son.  I made my kids watch it with me.

So there you have it.  My top 4 movie recommendations for dad.  Do you have any other favorites we can add to the list?

Part 2 continues the gift giving ideas by focusing on budget-minded sport/fitness gifts.

All the best

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3 comments on “Moms: Holiday gift suggestions for deserving dads part 1
  1. Nice choices and I agree with your first choice. It’s one bad ass movie and it makes me want to kick some butt after I watch it. For guy movies I’d have to suggest any of the Bourne movies…awesome to watch and full of testosterone

    Tyler @ Building Camelot´s last blog post..25 Awesome Songs For The Next Guitar Hero Set List

  2. Thanks for the suggestions! I’ve got the kids all taken care of but nothing for daddy! What else? Music? Or, is that too personal?

    Practical Mommy´s last blog post..How to Make Holiday Keepsakes

  3. Dad Dad says:

    Tyler, I’ve never actually wanted to buy a big old metal shield until I watched that movie…

    Practical Mommy, unless you know his music taste very well, buying music is hit or miss. Does he like any sports? Golf? Maybe something for his shaving routine?

    I’m writing a post on last minute gift ideas that should be up a little later.

    All the best

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