Get fit motivation- a pic of me

Yes, that’s me up there. I apologize. I know. Not the best chest you’ve seen by far.  I hope you weren’t eating when you opened the page. LOL.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m now 40 and well into my midlife crisis. Rather than a shiny new Cobra I’m focusing on undoing years of neglect and getting myself fit.  Yes, we all make these resolutions come January 1. I’ve done them a bunch of times.  By March I’m back to my old ways of using “life” as an excuse for why I’m not sticking with my workout plan or eating better.  Well, my friend, no more.

I’m making a lifestyle change.  I’m going to work on motivation and planning.  For planning, I’m relying on the wonderful iPhone app called Calorie Tracker from  I can’t recommend it enough.

It lets you search a huge database of foods and restaurants to select what you eat.  This lets you keep track of the calories you’re eating in a day.  The end result is that you can quickly see how much that extra helping of pudding is going to cost you in terms of calories.

What’s more, you can enter the exercise you do and it calculates the calories you’ve burned.  These burned calories add to the food calories that you can eat that day.  Then, just keep using it and you’ll be able to track your trends visually.

So, I’m motivating myself by posting up a pic of me today.  I will update the pic in a couple of months to show you that I’ve progressed. (fingers crossed)

All the best

P.S. A shout out and a challenge to my friends over in Blog to Fit, lets see a current “before” pic of you guys!

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