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We are nearing the launch of the preview version of Dad Daily.  There is still so much to do but we think it’s time to get folks on to the system and get their feedback.  The whole point of Dad Daily is to unite fathers and to leverage their synergies.

At the moment, Dad Daily has your basic social networking features. You register and create very detailed profiles (personal, business and social).  You can also upload pictures, videos and music.  Of course, you can create your personal blog (if you don’t already have one) and let only your family and friends see it or make it public for all to see.  There is a groups section that will be populated with dad groups from around the world.  Lastly, you can invite your fellow dads to join the site and set up their profile/blog/group and they automatically become your friends. Their friends become your 2nd degree friends and so on.  It’s all basic Web 2.0 stuff but just for dads.

The question is, frankly, “So what?”  Isn’t that always the question with these social networks. You set up a profile and then sit and say to yourself, “Now what?”  It happened to me on MySpace. Didn’t you feel the same way?

Well, if you think that way, you’re missing the point.  Just like most things in life, what you get out of Dad Daily is based on what you put into it.  A social networking site is nothing if the people on it don’t use it to “network”.  So, here’s what I ask you to consider doing:

  1. Sign up and complete your profile. You’re a dad so you can join;
  2. Tell your fellow dads about it by sending them email invites (the site tells you how to do that when you join);
  3. Set up a group or two (it could be a group for dads in your city or State, a sports group, a stay-at-home-dad group or even a dad’s who drink Budweiser group). Again, invite your friends to it. When you have an event or just want to watch the game with your fellow group dads, set up an event and make an announcement. Perhaps, post it in your group’s forum;
  4. If you have a business, site or blog, PROMOTE IT.  Just like millions of sites are doing in MySpace, set up an account for your I’M THE WORLDS BEST DAD blog and expand your readership.  Dad Daily is not going to take readership away from your blog. It’s the reverse. Dad Daily will drive more traffic to you;
  5. Lastly, participate.  Tell us what features would be cool to add.  Guess what? We’ll add them. If we do, we’ll pay you $50.  It’s that simple.

Well, I hope with the above and some thought, you will consider registering at Dad Daily when we go live in less than a week.  Getting dads together is a good thing, give it a try.

If you won’t consider the intangible benefits of signing up, maybe we can entice you with a little give away.  :-)

For every 100 members to the site, we’ll be giving away one iPod Shuffle.  The brand new one. So, if you’ve been holding off or if you simply want a stocking stuffer for the holidays, here’s your chance.


It comes in this nifty little case that fits nicely in those Christmas stockings.

It’s all of 1.6 inches long and has 1 Gig of space on it.  Apple says that’s enough for 240 songs.  It’s small enough to clip anywhere.

You can read more about it at the Apple Site.

Have a great day and find a way to be a better dad!

P.S. I BIG thank you to the dads that have helped with the site and who have put up a little of their hard-earned bucks to fund the give away. You guys ROCK!

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