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Twitter Best Practices for Bloggers

Are you using Twitter in a way that it’s a clear value to you? Or, like many others, are you REALLY not sure how to use it yet? I’m going to share with you how I’ve come to use Twitter so that it brings value to me and, I trust, my followers. In the early days of Twitter, many people jumped on the bandwagon thinking this was the thing to do to be “in.”  If you weren’t Tweeting and getting followers you simply weren’t one of the cool kids.  This only got worse when Ashton Kutcher jumped in followed by many celebrities.  Unfortunately, once you signed up you were hit with the “What now?” moment. There’s no how to use Twitter correctly manual so most people are simply lost. Is it a new chat thingy like AOL Instant Messenger? Is it a simple Facebook? Why only 140 characters?  Do people

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Think back Thursday

Thinking back Thursday. Here’s an oldie but goodie that I’m particularly proud of: Your Coffee My Love. Enjoy! All the best

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I Don’t Care if You Read This Article

The Internet measures everything. And I am a slave to those measurements. After so many years of pushing much of my life through this screen, I’ve started measuring my experiences and my sense of self-worth using the same metrics as the Internet uses to measure success. I check my stats relentlessly. The sad truth is that I spend more time measuring than I spend doing. via Tweetage Wasteland : I Don’t Care if You Read This Article. Hat tip to Shawn Blanc. I really enjoyed this post by Dave Pell. It strikes close to home. I’ve stopped trying to measure myself by Internet numbers and am trying to measure myself by whether you, dear reader, find my ramblings and thoughts valuable.  If you have some time, some day, please let me know.

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A Father’s Day Gift Suggestion to Wives

Every year about this time, a bunch of articles hit the Internet on gift suggestions for good old dad.  I think they’re well intended and can be valuable sometimes. After all, it doesn’t matter how old he is, Dad loves big boy toys! This year I wanted to do something different. I wanted to speak to wives out there and try to explain to them how to give their partner a day he’ll remember and feel very good about.  Trust me, if you do this, he will not only be more relaxed but also appreciate who he is a lot more than he does now. Toys are fun and I admit I have a few I’d like to get, actually. But the secret that most dads keep is that these toys aren’t what we really want.   They don’t fulfill that primal need that all of us fathers share sitting

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